If you are experiencing an emergency, please dial 911.

9-1-1 Information

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9-1-1 Information

Anoka County 911 Information and Resources Page

Anoka County Communications Center – About Us

Minnesota Dept. of Public Safety – How and why to avoid an accidental 911 call

Minnesota Dept. of Public Safety – 911 Program

Minnesota Dept. of Public Safety – Current State System

911.gov – Calling 911

911.gov National 911Progress Report: 2020 Data

Praxis International – Sample Training Memo: Open Line and Interrupted Calls

What is Smart 911? (Not available in all areas.) And how does it work?

Why do they send an officer for hang-ups and open lines?
Because sometimes it’s an emergency and someone is unable to speak to dispatch for one reason or another:
NEVADA: Woman kidnapped along with 3 kids at knifepoint alerted police with open-line 911 call from moving vehicle (October 2022)

Text to 911: What You Need to Know

911 for Kids

Minnesota Statutes re: Emergency Communications


Swatting in Minnesota:
Swatting Calls Impact 15 MN Schools (Sept. 2022)