If you are experiencing an emergency, please dial 911.

Fire Hydrant Volunteers + Request

Requesting Help?

This is for Anoka County, Minnesota only.

Please only submit a hydrant that is currently inaccessible. These requests are one-time clearings and will need to be requested again in the event that it is inaccessible again in the future.

Please keep in mind that these are volunteers from within our own communities donating their time to assist those who need help clearing fire hydrants.

We can not guarantee someone will be able to assist immediately, but will do our best to get someone to your location ASAP.

The form to request a hydrant to be shoveled does not ask for personal information. It is only to collect information regarding the location of the hydrant.

Fire Departments ask that a 3’x3′ area is clear around each fire hydrant for access.

This is the call that started it all. After hearing this dispatch – and having heard similar ones in the past, the brainstorming to create this volunteer program began.

Save the image below and share to social media – or print and distribute to family, friends, neighbors, or even post on a local bulletin board. Remember, this volunteer program is only for Anoka County, Minnesota.