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Winter Parking

Please see links below to view winter parking restriction information for each city within Anoka County.

If you are looking for information regarding winter plowing/snow removal, please see this page.

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to confirm parking restrictions in your area, and this website is simply an independent directory of information to make finding this information easier. This website is not affiliated with or monitored by any law enforcement or government agency, nor is it legal advice.
If a link is outdated, or more accurate information is available, please contact me so this page can be updated.

This list was compiled on November 1, 2023.

Anoka – See Laws You Should Know

Andover – See Snow & Ice Removal

Blaine – See Parking Restrictions

Coon Rapids – See City FAQ

Columbia Heights – See Winter Parking

Columbus – See Snow Removal Policy

Centerville – See Streets FAQ

Circle Pines – See Vehicle, Traffic, Streets and Sidewalks Ordinances

East Bethel – See Parking & Winter Parking

Fridley – See Parking Information Page

Ham Lake – See City Code

Lexington – See City FAQ or Community Announcements

Lino Lakes – See City News or Winter Parking Restrictions

Oak Grove – See City Website

Ramsey – See Parking on Public Streets

Saint Francis – See Rules and Regulations for Winter and Street Parking